Abyssinia sings, plays and dances in honor of Hristo Botev

Training of team members of three non-governmental organizations working in the field of Roma integration in Sofia was conducted by the team of the Project Generation Facility. Within two online sessions, the participants from the Roma Integration Foundation and the community centers „Assen Zlatarov 1938“ and „Simona 2002“ acquired new knowledge and skills for applying the technological cycle for project development.

Special emphasis in the training was placed on the sources of funding for projects to promote Roma culture.

The team of the Community center “Assen Zlatarov 1938” from the capital’s neighborhood „Hristo Botev“ (also called “Abyssinia” by the local residents) was given the opportunity to put into practice what they learned during the development of a project proposal entitled “Abyssinia sings, plays and dances in honor of Hristo Botev”, prepared for submission for funding under the Sofia Culture Program for 2021. The project is aimed at the general national and European audience and aims to preserve and develop the multicultural musical traditions in the „Hristo Botev“neighborhood, and thus the ethnocultural wealth of Sofia, by creating modern online music competitions with the participation of artists from the neighborhood and guest musicians from the country and Europe.